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Sentient Festival  2023


UPDATE MAY 1, 2023: 

Sentient Festival 2023 CANCELLED


Dear SENTIENT Beings,

After much consideration, deliberation and consternation, we have decided to cancel SENTIENT 2023.

With our tickets ready to go on sale and our festival program fully complete with the absolute highest level of facilitators, providers, volunteers, and musical acts – our world literally changed overnight.

On Wednesday night, we received word that an internet influencer made serious allegations against our primary sponsor, Nudism.TV, which in turn led to the influencer’s followers making numerous threats of violence including death threats toward the Nudism.TV founder and his family. Due to Sentient Fest’s association with Nudism.TV, we feel concerned for the safety of our facilitators and participants. While we considered the idea of rallying everyone and soldiering through this morass, in the end your safety is more important to us.

Let us be clear– we aren't willing to compromise our intentions and ideals of Body Justice for our retreat, including the option for being naked in nature and expressing our humanness in the many diverse ways that make up our lived reality. We are not giving up or going away. Our sincere apology for any grief this might cause you. We are grieving right along with you, and hate that we have to miss out on the amazing experience that is Sentient this year. We so value all of you and believe in this event. Many, many hours of preparation and planning have gone into this year’s event and we are heart-broken about this. However, in the end, your safety is most important to us. We hope you can understand.

To all of our facilitators and participants: Thank you for your commitment and willingness to be part of the festival this year. We are hoping to be back next year. We would love to hear from you regarding your continued interest to be part of the festival.


Bri Leonard

Sentient Festival


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