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New to Nudism

Never Been to a Nudist Park Before?


Empire Haven is a member club of AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) and TNS (The Naturist Society), two organizations who have fought for the rights of people to enjoy social nudism.  Never been to a nudist establishment before?  Here are few tips to prepare you for your first visit:


NUDITY DOES NOT EQUAL SEX.  A big misconception by many who have never been to a nudist establishment before is equating nudity with sex.  However, this is not the case.  In fact, things that are sexually provocative in nature, such as behaviors and attire, are discouraged at Empire Haven.  Instead, we offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where people are free to enjoy being poolside or participating in any of the activities or sports available, wearing as much or as little clothing as desired.  The only area where complete nudity is always required is the pool area (including the pool, two hot tubs, and sauna), which is standard at nudist establishments.

PEOPLE COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES.  Many people are very nervous before coming for their first time, especially women.  However, once they arrive, they quickly realize that nudists embrace body acceptance.  It is not about what you look like.  In fact, many people feel more comfortable when their clothes come off because there’s no longer an attachment to social status. 


UNDRESS WHEN YOU’RE READY.  We consider ourselves to be clothing-optional, which means that you can disrobe at your own pace.  Some people are ready as soon as they arrive, others like to ease into it.  No judgment.  The only area where complete nudity is always required is the pool area (including the pool, two hot tubs, and sauna), which is standard at nudist establishments.

PRIVACY IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE.  Some people worry that they will run into someone they know.  While it is possible, they’re there too and probably feel the same way.  At Empire Haven, we value our guests’ privacy and do not share your personal information with others.

CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18 will not be admitted unless they are with their parents or legal guardian.  Children under the age of 13 must be in the constant company of a parent or guardian AT ALL TIMES.  Only parents/guardians of children participating in children activities are allowed around the children.  



Important items to pack: 

  • Government-issued photo ID.  This is a standard requirement at nudist establishments.  Everyone coming onto the grounds must have their ID scanned into the system, no exceptions.

  • Towel(s).  While at EH, guests are expected to carry a towel with them and to always use the towel when sitting on surfaces for sanitary reasons.

  • Sunscreen.  Don’t let your day be spoiled by too much sun!

  • Hat for shade.  Ditto

  • Sneakers for walking.  In case you want to take a walk around the nature trail or play a game of pickleball.

  • Up-to-date vaccination records for any pets.

  • Your smile.  It’s time to relax and have fun!


Leave at home: 

  • Glass bottles and glassware.  As many people enjoy walking barefoot around the property, please leave your glass containers at home.  This includes beer bottles, wine bottles, wine glasses, etc.  They are not allowed anywhere on the grounds.

  • Cameras/devices shooting photos & video (includes cell phones and drones).  Our guests' privacy and security is of the utmost importance.  All cameras, cell phones/tablets/laptops/any other devices with photographic or video-taking capabilities are not permitted unless a special request is made and accompanied by an EMPIRE HAVEN EVENTS COMMITTEE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER.  Photos of authorized photographers are posted in the Clubhouse.  All authorized photographers should ask for permission before taking any pictures/videos, and at the discretion of the photographer guests may be required to sign a permission form at that time if they consent to have their picture/video taken.  Any photographic-capable equipment not approved by management may be confiscated. Cell phones/tablets/laptops are not to be used in the pool/sunning areas at all, please leave at your site or parking area.

  • Pets who are not well-mannered.  While we are animal-lovers – in order to keep the EH experience great for everyone – any pets who are aggressive or noisemakers should not be brought to Empire Haven.  Additionally, guests who intend to leave their pets alone for long periods of time should rethink bringing them to Empire Haven. 

  • Body piercings, adornments, and tattoos that are sexual in nature and/or contain profanity are not allowed.

  • Bathing suits and provocative clothing.  Nudity is not about calling attention to certain body parts and is not sexual in nature.  Intimate apparel such as thongs, lingerie, G-strings, bikinis, and bathing suits are considered inappropriate attire.

Click here to view Empire Haven's Rules and Policies.


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