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Sentient Festival  2021

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Sentient Festival

Tuesday, August 3 - Sunday, August 8, 2021



Reservations for the Festival can now be made.  Rentals are sold out, but we have rv campsites still available and always have room for tents.

For the latest and greatest updates about Sentient Festival, join us at:

Festival Forms
Registration Form 

To register online, click here.  We will follow up with a phone call for credit card payment.  We cannot guarantee a site without payment.

To register by mail, please download a copy of the registration form (CLICK HERE), complete it, and mail to:

Empire Haven

Attn:  Sentient Festival

5947 Sun Lane

Moravia, NY  13118


Vendor Application

If you are a Festival Participant or Workshop Facilitator and also would like to be a vendor, please first complete the Vendor Application and then the Online Registration Form.


If you are looking to solely be a vendor and don't plan to be a Festival participant, you will only need to complete the Vendor Application

Lunch Meal Plan Selection

Please download and print a copy, circle your selections, and send along with completed registration form if mailing in registration.  No need to do this if filling out the Online Registration Form.

Festival Information
Sentient Festival Schedule

A listing of workshops & descriptions in a table is available here.

Sentient Festival Map
Sentient Festival

Click on map for pdf version.  File size is large (4.9MB)

Silent Sentience Dance pic

Silent Sentience Dance

Wednesday 8/4 - 8:30-11:30PM


Every festival we do, we attempt to have one preeminent event where attendees can try something they've never done before!


At our last event it was a first for many of us – a tethered nude hot air balloon ride that rose high over the gorgeous, wooded Empire Haven grounds!


This year's festival feature - “Silent Sentience” is an immersive, clothing optional, guided dance/music experience unlike any you have ever attended.

Many larger festivals and concert events are featuring these events under the title of “Silent Discos”. The “silent” piece refers to those watching the event – as those who happen to be watching hear no music, giving the effect of a dance space full of people dancing to nothing! While the term “disco” may have you thinking John Travolta and Saturday Night Fever – nothing could be farther from the truth. Participants control which music they prefer from 2 of Ithaca NY's top DJ's (Stardust or Evo Evolution) as well as an unforgettable light show from Darkstar Productions. Each person that registers receives a pair of limited headphones after passing through a series of stations or gates as we call them that acclimate the participant to the journey ahead.

But what about the dancing part? Just like those that partook in “Naked in the Air” - many said the same thing - “but I have a fear of heights” and afterwards exclaimed an experience (fully naked to boot) of being up to 7 stories in the air yet fully secured by 6 separate tethers to make sure they didn't drift off to next county!


This guided and monitored dance has its roots firmly in Ecstatic Dance practices. Teagan West of Vaya Wellness is our guide. She states that the goal is to create a Consent First, supportive and judgement free space for physical exploration and embodiment.


Our motto is “NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NECCESARY!” when it comes to Silent Sentience. In this participatory event – everyone is allowed to move their bodies in their own way! It could be from a wheel chair, while sitting on the ground or even lying down! Whatever your participation is – it will be accepted and honored! NO DANCE MOVES REQUIRED!


Where is the dance? Weather permitting it will be under the stars in the Sun Field – an absolutely gorgeous, open aired apple orchard behind Frog Kick Pond. 


How do I sign up? *NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS OF JULY 17TH*  Pre-Registration is required as the headphones are specially ordered in limited quantities from NY City! For Empire Haven seasonal site holders the cost is $10.


Where does it start? The event begins with a gathering at Paytra's Coffeehouse to hear the basic guidelines of the experience. Participants will then be guided up a trail while passing through gates that represent the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether). We request that all participants refrain from alcohol use and inebriation during the experience.


When does it end? At 11 pm, Silent Sentience guest are invited to unwind with a Gong Soundbath at Frog Kick Pond where attendees can hear the soothing and therapeutic frequencies of an array of gently touched gongs while lying or sitting on the ground. Enjoy a meditative, gentle laser light show as well as floating candles on the pond. 

Ecstatic Trance Dance

Saturday night 8/7 from 9:30-11pm

Soundscapes by Stardust

Guided by Thunder Dance of Rochester, NY

Ritual body painting at 8pm

Trance Dance pic
Naked Neighbors.jpg

Naked Neighbors

Thursday evening 8/5 from 7-8pm

A unique, local, supremely tasty, Hard Cider, Beer and Artisanal Cheese Tasting with special concert by Jen Cork to follow!

Featuring Hard Cider made from the wild apples of Empire Haven by New York Cider Company.

Featuring the delicious and aptly titled "Naked Neighbor Amber" from Summerhill Brewing

World Class, Award Winning Goat Cheese from Lively Run Dairy!

Photo_1625938809016_ConcertLine-Up_Update 07-10-21.jpg



8/4  Rachel Beverly (

8/5  Jen Cork (

8/6  The Cosmic Groan (

8/7  The Warm Hug  (

Documentary Filmfest Update_07-09-21.jpg



Tuesday, 8/3  My Body is Not Obscene

(with an appearance by the director)

Wednesday, 8/4  The Earthing Movie

Thursday, 8/5 Anima Ardens (at the Pond)

Friday, 8/6  NAK-ED

Saturday, 8/7  Cuerpas

Keynote Speakers Update_07-09-21.jpg




All presentations are in the Pavilion

from 1:30-2:45pm unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, 8/3  Petra Stone (7:30pm)

Wednesday, 8/4  Teagan West

Thursday, 8/5  Octavia Sola' 

Friday, 8/6  The Porters

Saturday, 8/7  Pamela Hawkins

Sunday, 8/8  Shelby Connelly (10:30am)

Festival Food

Due to the status of COVID-19 prior to the season opening, Empire Haven decided to limit the Snack Bar offerings to prepackaged food items such as chips, ice cream bars, bottled water, and soda.  We are also taking the 2021 season to renovate the kitchen area.  

We have tried to ensure that there are other food options available for Festival participants who have relied upon the Snack Bar or meal plans in the past.  Please plan to bring cash if you are intending to make food purchases, as credit card services may not be available.


Wednesday through Sunday morning, the EH Activities Association will have breakfast offerings available (COST: $5 donation)



*NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS OF JULY 17TH* Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon - Anderson Market will be providing boxed lunches ($36 for all 3 meals) available by pre-registration only.  Menu Choices:


  • Drink - bottled water, cola, OR diet cola

  • Snack - chips or a cookie 

  • Soup - loaded baked potato soup, roasted red pepper & smoked gouda soup (vegetarian/GF), OR cauliflower cheddar soup (vegetarian/GF) 

  • Salad - coleslaw (vegetarian/GF), pasta salad, OR tossed salad with choice of Italian, ranch, or honey mustard dressing (vegetarian/GF)


  • Drink - bottled water, cola, OR diet cola

  • Snack - chips and a cookie 

  • Sandwich - chicken salad, ham salad, tuna salad, OR egg salad (vegetarian)

  • Saladcoleslaw (vegetarian/GF), pasta salad, OR tossed salad with choice of Italian, ranch, or honey mustard dressing (vegetarian/GF)


  • Drink - bottled water, cola, OR diet cola

  • Snack - chips and a cookie 

  • Wrap - turkey club, pot roast, chicken bacon swiss with choice of ranch or honey mustard, OR vegetarian wrap

Saturday afternoon - Purchase your own wood-fired pizza from Gypsy Girl Pizza!

Sunday afternoon - there will be a Potluck with leftovers, plus hamburgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers (COST: free to Festival participants)


Tuesday night - there will be a welcoming dinner with three types of chili and cornbread (COST: free to Festival participants)

Wednesday night - on your own or get to know your Empire Haven hosts by joining them for dinner. First come, first served. Sign up during on-site registration.

Thursday night - Chicken BBQ (veggie burger alternative). First come, first served. $12 cash donation. Limited to 50 meals.

Friday night - Fittnell BBQ food truck available to purchase from 2pm to 7pm! (Click here for a glimpse at their menu)

Saturday night - Purchase your own wood-fired pizza from Gypsy Girl Pizza!

Here are some additional places to purchase food:

Moravia (~8 minute drive)

  • Giuseppe's Pizzeria (161 Main Street, 315-497-2222) - they offer a wide range of pizzas, subs, and some salads (BONUS: they deliver to the gate if you don't want to drive!)

  • NY Pizzeria (119 Main Street, 315-497-1515)

  • Dunkin Donuts and Subway in Speedway Gas Station (1695 NY-38)

  • Modern Market (grocery store) (1 E Cayuga Street, 315-497-1911)


Cortland (~20 minute drive)

  • Grocery stores - Tops, Price Chopper, Aldi

  • Walmart Supercenter

  • McDonald's, Burger King, A&W, Subway, Moe's, Wendy's, Arby's, KFC, Taco Bell

  • Applebee's, Friendly's, Ponderosa, Fat Jack's BBQ, Garcia's (Mexican), Hollywood (Italian American), Doug's Fish Fry

Festival Policies and State/County Laws
Never Been to a Nudist Establishment Before? 

Click here to learn more before coming to Empire Haven.

Festival Photo Policy
There are five Festival Photographers, whose photos will be posted at the Registration booth.  THEY ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE ALLOWED TO TAKE PICTURES/VIDEOS ON THE GROUNDS.  They should ask for permission when taking any pictures/videos and get sign-off using a photo release form.

Taking photographs and video by anyone else is strictly prohibited.  Stickers will be available at the Registration booth to put over devices with photographic- or video-capabilities, including cell phones and tablets. Drones are not allowed at this event.
Festival Photo Policy
Vendor Policy
Empire Haven designates outdoor space in a high-traffic area for the purpose of allowing vendors of materials, goods, and services to set up and sell their products and/or disseminate information to our guests.
Empire Haven reserves the right to determine what acceptable material for dissemination or sale is. Vendors MUST have prior permission and be paid in full before they can set up their vendor space. Permission to continue such activity may be withdrawn at any time, at the discretion of the Empire Haven without refund to the vendor.
The vendor fee MUST be paid in full prior to set up. 
Vendors must provide their own tent, tables, chairs and other display equipment. There's an additional $25 charge for electric at the vendor space.  Individual vendor space should be limited to approximately 12 square feet. Additional space may be requested if available and appropriate. Security is solely the responsibility of the vendor. Empire Haven may not be held responsible for either merchandise or display gear that is lost, stolen, or damaged.

COVID-19 Policy
Per current guidelines provided by the Cayuga County Health Department, individuals who are NOT fully vaccinated must wear a mask while indoors (Clubhouse and Khaki Shack) and follow the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines updated on June 18, 2020.  Individuals who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask indoors.  

  • PAYTRA’S COFFEE HOUSE - only fully COVID-vaccinated guests will be allowed to enter.

  • SAUNA - due to the enclosed nature of this amenity, you must provide proof of full COVID vaccination at the Registration booth and sign-up there in order to use it.

We will be offering wristbands for interested individuals to indicate to their fellow Festival goers that they are fully COVID vaccinated.
Vendor Policy
COVID-19 Policy
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